About the author

My name is Tony Koutsoumbos and I am an entrepreneur and campaigner. I look for new ways of getting people interested in public speaking and debating and do what I can to give them the tools to realise their own potential – whether that be in their careers, in their studies, or simply for their own personal development.

This blog is devoted to finding and reviewing all the clubs and organisations who share that goal and offer a platform for informed debate on the most pressing issues and challenges facing our society today. Most of us never knew they existed and yet they are the standard bearers for our democracy and a reminder that participating in it requires more than just crossing a box next to a name every four or five years.

This blog will feature reviews from those of us (I am recruiting guest contributors) who make it our business to find them, visit them, and write about them, so you can see for yourselves how many opportunities there are for you to have your say on that which matters most to you and, in the process, learn something new about yourself and the people with whom we share this small island we call home.

Presently, all reviews are confined to London based groups as there are only so many places I can be at once, but I would really like to hear from the rest of the country too, so if you are based outside of London and would like to help me in my mission to catalogue and review every speaking and debating club in the UK, please leave a comment here and I will be sure to get in touch.

Tony Koutsoumbos is the founder of the Central London Debating Society (CLDS), CEO of CLDS Debate Training. and Chairman of the European Movement in London


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