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Two things have happened today to make this a very proud day for Our Debating Society.

First, the Central London Debating Society officially hit 1000 members. Mr Frank Manning will now be the guest of honour at our next debate tomorrow night at the Old Cock Tavern, where we will make a big fuss of him and maybe, if he’s good, even let him speak.

The second, is happening right now.

Our Debating Society is delighted to confirm the launch of the East London Debating Society, the North London Debating Society, and the South London Debating Society. We are expanding!

The Central London Debating Society has been such a phenomenal success because its members travel far and wide to attend each debate, but we don’t think they should have to, so we’re bringing the debating society to them.

There is a broader purpose as well though. Debating is about far more than just winning or losing an argument. It brings people together to solve problems, engage with new ideas, and test long held beliefs. We, therefore, want our public debates to make a real contribution to the local communities that host us by mixing the ‘big picture’ news-centred motions we normally debate with locally focused debates on issues that affect members of the community in their everyday lives.

We want our debate clubs to be a home not just for enthusiastic speakers, but also local charities, community groups, and businesses – but most importantly of all, local residents.

In keeping with the ethos of the Central London Debating Society, membership of each new club will be free of charge and open to all as will be admission to their events.

So, allow me to introduce the homes of our new debating societies:

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The George Tavern

East London Debating Society

Hosted by music and performing arts venue, the George Tavern on Commercial Road, Tower Hamlets, ELDS opens its doors on Tuesday 5th March. Its winding leather sofas and open spaces make it the perfect place to hear a debate while relaxing with a drink.



North London Debating Society

We make an emotional return to the Harcourt, the former home of the Central London Debating Society, just off Baker Street on Monday March 11th. The Harcourt was the first real home of the Central London Debating Society and looked after us for over two years. It was naturally the first choice to house the North London branch.

tea house theatre

The Tea House Theatre

South London Debating Society

Debating comes to Vauxhall in March with the launch of our first club south of the river. The date of our first debate will be confirmed shortly. This dainty 1920s themed bar comes equipped with its own sound system and came to our attention through an inspirational poetry club, named Paper Tiger Poetry, that also meets here.

West London Debating Society

A work in progress that needs a home and someone to run it. If this is you, get in touch today at central.debating@gmail.com

This is going to be a lot of fun……