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Where can you go in London to hear a good debate or learn something interesting this week?

  1. Is Debate Dead
    Returning to the oldest coffee house in London – the home of debating – Is Debate Dead take the debate to the general public in the bar. They’ll have their own area and a clear set of rules spiced up by not knowing the topic until the last minute. More of a social club with a difference than a debating club, this is great place to get started if you’re new to debating.
  2. Central London Debating Society
    Do you ever wish you could go back to university and re-join the debate club? Do you ever find yourself struggling to get your point across in they way you wish you could? This is the place for you. We go old school at CLDS and show you how debating can make you the smooth, smart, persuasive speaker you had it in you to be all along. This week we debate whether the Pope’s diplomatic immunity should be revoked.
  3. The Frontline Club
    Take a look at what our partners the Frontline club have on this week. A members’ club for journalists, their events are open to the public and in the next week they have some top talks coming up from the founding of Israel to a workshop on storytelling. There’s something for everyone here.